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Law Office of Shane Reed

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Some of the People Shane has helped:

  • A burned smoke-jumper against the foreign chainsaw manufacturer of his defective saw.*
  • Two molested children, taking all of their molester's real estate.*
  • The widower of a suicide victim, changing an unjust law in the Oregon Supreme Court.*
  • A seven-year-old burn victim against one of the world's largest corporations.*
  • A brain damaged automobile accident victim against a careless trucking company.*
  • A firefighter's widow against the foreign auto manufacturer whose defective seatbelt killed her husband.*
  • An aged widow against a careless rest home for allowing her husband with advanced Alzheimer's to walk out the front door and drown in an irrigation ditch.*
  • A young woman who's fiance was killed by a meth addict in a crosswalk, forced the insurance company to pay even though it was not her car.*
  • A college student critically injured in a crosswalk, worked with providers for drastic reductions to obtain favorable settlement with minimal insurance coverage.*
  • A non-English speaking widow whose husband was killed by a drunk driver obtained a large settlement and got her life back on track within 1 month.*
  • A wife of a police officer fight against a national department store whose luggage fell onto the back of her neck causing her to undergo a $30,000 fusion surgery.*
  • The teenage victim of a sexual assault against the business that carelessly retained a sexual predator employee, while knowing he would have access to youth.*
  • Hundreds of accident victims against aggressive insurance companies that refused to pay fair compensation for what their insured drivers caused.*
  • A Russian exchange student against the driver of a car who collided into her as she stood at an ATM machine.*
  • A young teenage "hero" who saved the lives of his toddler nephews in a car crash against the insurance company that refused to fairly compensate him for his resulting severe internal injuries.*
  • A highway flagger against the company that maintained a power generator that caused him a severe electric shock.*
  • A woman who miscarried against the at-fault driver's aggressive insurance company, that had refused to pay out the minimal limits of an insurance policy.*
  • The victim of a head-on-collision who sustained brain damage against an insurance company that refused to recognize what their driver had caused to her life.*
  • An ex-Air Force pilot whose femur was forced out of his hip and through his back on impact with a semi-truck driver who was stopped in the middle of a highway at night with no warning lights on.*
  • A mechanic whose arm fractured when a defective product blew up in his hand against the manufacturer of the product.*
*Any verdict or settlement we may achieve for one client, may not necessarily indicate that similar results may be achieved for another.