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Medford, Oregon Burn Injury Law FirmIf you’re a burn victim, you know the meaning of pain like few do. We’ve helped many burn victims recover and obtain winning results.

In one of our first burn cases, our law firm helped a severely burned little girl go to Federal Court against the corporate giant, Wal-Mart.

After almost five years of fighting Wal-Mart’s insurance company, the case was headed for trial. Our attorney arrived where the Wal-Mart trial would be held seven days early, where he parked across the street from the Federal Courthouse in the motor home in the Amtrak station.

A court clerk allowed the use of an empty court room on the 16th floor to enable our attorney to practice for hours in front of an empty jury box.

The morning of trial arrived, and the Wal-Mart’s insurance attorney said to our attorney outside the court room. “I have an offer for your client: Nothing.”

During the five-years of litigation, Wal-Mart tasked five lawyers to work on the case against our law firm; they’d fought pleading-wars, questioned burn experts, enlisted opposing metallurgists, consulted economists and engineers, cross-examined products-testing UL Laboratory experts, drafted reams of pleadings, and fought in dozens of depositions and hearings. Now the final fight was at hand.

Trial was full of the colorful characters and unexpected developments worthy of reality-television. At the mid-week mark, an earthquake even shook the federal building and interrupted the trial. Our lawyer spoke into the microphone, “Your Honor, I think that’s an earthquake.”

The judge responded, “I think you’re right, Counselor. Next question.”

And the trial rolled on. Some witnesses collapsed under the weight of cross-examination; others took the hits and stood even taller; the burned little girl’s grandmother cried on the stand, and so did her firefighter father.

Then our law firm put on our surprise witnesses: a police officer, and an “ear-witness.” Later during closing arguments our attorney pointed out that as the jurors were listening to those witnesses, Wal-Mart’s lawyers were hearing them for the first time, too!

Our attorney finished by asking the jurors how Wal-Mart’s founder Sam Walton–if he were still alive–might view his store’s treatment of this burned girl. He answered the hypothetical for them, “He’d tell them to go back and pick that little girl up! That’s not how we treat our customers!”

Wal-Mart’s lawyers were caught totally off guard. In the end, after six hours of deliberating, the jury’s unanimous verdict was $3.1 million!

The little girl’s father was quoted in the media outlets, “[Reed Law Firm] was awesome. When their expert got up there at first he said there were no defects in the [exploding] pot. [Reed Law Firm’s lawyer] got up there and got their expert to say, ‘Yes, there are many defects.’ We were sitting there in awe.”

But it wasn’t over yet – Wal-Mart’s insurance lawyers took the case to the Court of Appeals; however, our law firm took this in stride, and after a prolonged appellate battle, Wal-Mart’s insurance lawyers finally gave up. The little girl got the money she needed to fix her severe hypertrophic scarring. The case made the front page of newspapers. Soon afterward, Wal-Mart’s stock pots began appearing with new safety devices on them so that no one else would have to get hurt so horribly. David had won against Goliath.

We can help you recover. We work with plastic surgery experts to learn your best scar repair options then we push for fair payment of these future scar revisions. You’re entitled to have your scars erased as much as possible.

We’re experts in burn injury cases. We’ve fought in litigation with some of the world’s best defense lawyers and came out winning for our clients.*

Examples of some of the many other burn cases we’ve handled:

• Child burned when a stove tipped over on top of him that had hot oil on it.

• Smoke-jumper burned when his defective chainsaw spilled gas on him in a forest fire.

• Child burned at a daycare center, that didn’t tell his parents about it for two hours.

• Woman whose frying pan “melted” and flash-burned her hand down to the bone.

• Teen whose leg was burned by a muffler when trapped under a semi-truck that hit him.

Let us put our experience on your side to help you get fair and just payment for what you’ve been through. We’re experienced Medford Burn Injury Attorneys who can help you avoid a toxic legal environment. We’re able to settle the vast majority of cases without having to go to a jury trial. We help you avoid the depositions, abuse, delayed justice, forced medical exams, and nasty litigation.

The system is lopsided in favor of insurance companies. If you’ve been hurt because of another’s carelessness, we can help level your playing field. We can stand against them and fight for you. We know their weaknesses from an insider’s vantage point. They have in-house lawyers, working full-time against injury victims like you; you need someone on your side.

Let us help you get back on your feet, cover your medical bills, obtain lost wages, and keep your credit from getting ruined. We guide you through the process. Let us put our experience on your side to help you get fair settlement for what you’ve been through. Call us now at (541)772-3266 for a FREE initial phone consultation with a Medford Burn Injury Lawyer.

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BEWARE — POSSIBLE SHORT-DEADLINE ALERT: If the facility or individual that caused or was responsible for your burn injuries was owned/employed by any governmental entity, then you have a much shorter deadline than normal, often as little as 180 days! Consult with us to protect your rights or you could lose automatically.*