Medford Disfigurement Injury Attorney

Oregon Disfigurement & Scar Injury AttorneyWe’ve taken many scar and disfigurement injury cases to a winning result; one resulted in a multi-million dollar verdict. If you’ve suffered a scar injury or a disfigurement, we can help you recover. We work with plastic surgery experts to learn your best scar repair options then we push for fair payment of these future scar revisions. You’re entitled to have your scars erased as much as possible, and we push for you to made whole.

In one case our expert described a scar-reduction process where a saline balloon in placed under the scar tissue. The balloon is inflated so that the skin is stretched. Then the surgeon cuts out the excess skin. This process is repeated until a large scar is reduced to a tiny line. The insurance lawyer had never heard of it; he learned about it at the same time the jury did. This added $60,000 to the jury’s verdict.

We have expertise with scar injuries and disfigurement claims. We’ve fought in litigation with some of the world’s best defense lawyers and come out winning for our clients.

Here are some of the many scar injury and disfigurement cases we’ve handled:

• Russian dancer whose scar ran from her hip to her ankle.

• Teen whose scar went across her entire abdomen.

• Woman who lost all the skin and tissue on the top of her hand.

• Child whose face was scarred by broken glass in a crash.

• Woman whose deep neck wound took nine months to heal from the inside out.

• Teen who was severely scarred when he saved his toddler nephew in a head-on.

• Child who rode into a single strand of barb-wire across a trail that a man put there to keep kids off his yard.

We work to get you the best possible settlement without going to trial; an estimated 95% of our cases settle without going to the courthouse. And if your case is one of the few that does have to go to trial, then we have the skills and experience to win. One of our recent trial verdicts was $550,000 against a premier Portland defense law firm.*

The system is lopsided in favor of insurance companies. If you’ve been hurt because of another’s carelessness, we can help level your playing field. We can stand against them and fight for you. We know their weaknesses from an insider’s vantage point. They have in-house lawyers, working full-time against injury victims like you; you need someone on your side who knows how they work. • Click About Us.

Sometimes in these types of disfigurement injury cases, the medical bills are more than all combined insurances. When this happens we fight with the lien claimants to reduce liens. We recently got a $405,479 medical lien down to $33,333.* In another, we only had $25,000 in total available insurance limits, and the medical bills totaled $82,967. We got all liens reduced to $4,691.* We are experts in dealing with lien claimants and have gotten liens and medical bills dramatically reduced in many cases.

We work closely with all health care insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, and OHP, so that when you leave our office, the check in your hand is a “net check” with no lurking liens or bills left out there unpaid. From start to finish, we help you get to the best possible result.

Let us help you get back on your feet, cover your medical bills, obtain lost wages, assist with your vehicle damage (we often help with the car repair/replacement part of the case Free of Charge), and keep your credit from getting ruined. We guide you through the process. Let us put our experience on your side to help you get fair and just payment for what you’ve been through. Call us now at (541)772-3266 for a FREE initial phone consultation with a Medford Personal Injury Attorney.

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