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Oregon Permanent Injury & Disfigurement Accident AttorneyEven “soft tissue injuries” (muscle, tendon, and ligament damage) can be permanent. Insurance companies hire experts to say personal injury victims weren’t hurt; or if they did, nine weeks is enough recovery time. Imagine, as individualized as we are as people, hired-gun insurance experts can label us all into a nine-week box. Meanwhile, insurance companies avoid responsibility for their careless people.

Most accident victims entering our ”justice” system are met by very rude and crafty insurance defense lawyers, who, during depositions, call them fat or otherwise verbally attack them, or smirk when they can’t hold back emotions when talking about how the accident wrecked their life. Many claim workers in insurance dehumanize personal injury victims, presumably, so they can sleep at night.

Reed Law Firm can settle most permanent injury claims for fair and just payment without a trial. But either way, with or without a trial, you have just the one chance to get justice, and the insurance companies know it. They will pull out all the stops.

If you’ve been hurt in a permanent injury accident, Reed Law Firm can help level the playing field. Our personal injury attorneys know their weaknesses from an insider’s vantage point. Insurance companies have experts on their side; you need an expert on yours. Click About Us.

Reed Law works closely with all health care insurances: Medicare, Medicaid, and OHP, so that when you leave our office, the check in your hand is a “net check” with no lurking liens or bills left unpaid. From start to finish, Reed Law Firm helps you get to the best possible result.

Our expertise in permanent injury cases help you stand back on your own two feet, cover your medical bills, obtain lost wages, assist with permanent injury damage, and maintain your credit. Let Reed Law Firm guide your through the process. Let us put our experience on your side for fair and just payment. Call us now at (541)772-3266 for a FREE initial phone consultation with an Oregon Permanent Injury Lawyer.

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We guide you through the process. Let us put our experience on your side to help you get fair and just payment for what you’ve been through. Call one of our Personal Injury Attorneys now at (541)772-3266 for a FREE initial phone consultation with an experienced Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer.