At The Shane Reed Law Firm-“We Don’t Give Up So Easily”

The system is lopsided in favor of insurance companies. If you’ve been hurt because of another’s carelessness, we can help level your playing field. We can stand against them and fight for you. We know their weaknesses from an insider’s vantage point. They have in-house lawyers, working full-time against injury victims like you; you need someone on your side.

Insurance companies hire experts to say accident victims didn’t get hurt at all; or if they did, they got better in nine weeks.

Imagine that: As different as we are as individuals beings, hired-gun insurance experts can put us all into a nine-week box. Meanwhile, insurance companies avoid responsibility for their careless people.

We’ve gone on to win as lead counsel before the Oregon Supreme Court; this victory changed Oregon law – but sadly our client died just weeks before the Supreme Court ruled she’d won.

We Specialize in all types of Personal Injury Law. We Can Help You Prevail!

• Car Accidents – Auto Accidents
• Trucking Accidents – Semi-Truck Accidents – Truck versus Car Accidents
• Bicycle Accident Injuries – Bicycle versus Auto Injuries
• Pedestrian Injuries – Cross Walk Injuries
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Dog Bite Injuries
• Head-on Collisions
• Slip and Fall Injuries – Fall Injuries – Premises Liability Injuries
• Sexual Abuse
• Defective Products – Dangerous Products
• Burn Injuries
• Wrongful Death – Accidental Death
• Rest Home Neglect – Rest Home Abuse
• Permanent Injuries and Disfigurement/Scarring Injuries
• Medical Malpractice
• Drunk Driving Injuries – Drunk Driver Injuries
• Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Injuries

A Law Firm Experienced in Taking On The Insurance Companies

Accident victims suddenly find themselves in a position of losing their job, their homes, their very way of life. This becomes their new reality, but insurance companies and their lawyers are skilled at painting such victims as “faking it” or “milking the system.” They’ve polluted our jury pools. And spilled coffee cases don’t help any, serving only to reinforce the belief that our system is broken. Ask anyone, and most hold negative views of anyone “suing,” unless the wrong-doer is some kind of villain (e.g., drunk drivers, child molesters, road-ragers).

But most injuries are not caused by villains. Even worse, insurance companies in Oregon get to hide behind their bad drivers: By law, a jury is barred from knowing that the bad actor even had insurance. A jury doesn’t get to know if it’s the elderly man who sent a teenager to the hospital with broken bones who’ll pay the damages, or if there’s insurance in the picture.

It’s a harsh handicap. Insurance lawyers argue things like: “This ambulance chaser and his client want $100,000 from the elderly Mr. Doe. That’s asking too much. We know the boy lost his football scholarship, but don’t destroy Mr. Doe over it. It’s a simple mistake any of us could make!” All the while Mr. Doe sits there calmly, knowing he’ll never pay a cent of whatever the jury decides.

Most accident victims entering our “civil system” of justice are met by very rude and crafty insurance defense lawyers, who during depositions call them fat or otherwise verbally attack them, or smirk when they can’t hold back emotions when talking about how the accident wrecked parts of their lives. Many who work in insurance dehumanize injury victims, presumably so they can sleep at night.

In some cases, the medical bills are more than all combined insurances. When this happens, we fight with the lien claimants to reduce liens. We recently got a $405,479 medical lien down to $33,333.* In another, we only had $25,000 in total available insurance limits/assets, and the medical bills totaled $82,967; we got all liens reduced to $4,691.* We are experts in dealing with lien claimants and have gotten liens and medical bills dramatically reduced in many cases.

We work closely with all health care insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, and OHP, so that when you leave our office, the check in your hand is a “net check” with no lurking liens or bills left out there unpaid. From start to finish, we help you get to the best possible result.

We are experienced Medford Personal Injury Attorneys who can help you avoid a toxic legal environment. We work with the bad driver’s insurance to get you a fair and just settlement well short of trial. We help you avoid the depositions, abuse, delayed justice, forced medical exams, and the courthouse.