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Medford, Oregon Bicycle Accident Law FirmSome of our most tragic personal injury clients have been victims of car versus pedestrian and car versus bicyclist accidents. Pedestrians and bicyclists face numerous perils: careless drivers, road hazards, and even vicious dogs. Reed Law can settle most pedestrian and bicycle injury cases without going to trial.

But with or without a trial, justice is a one-time opportunity, and insurance companies know it. They will pull out all the stops.

In one of our trials, the insurance lawyer hired seven medical experts and surgeons! But they didn’t fool the jury; one by one we forced these hired-gun experts to admit they didn’t review the facts. For example, one expert admitted he hadn’t read even one page of 20 deposition transcripts before trial; he ignored 1,500 pages of sworn testimony! Yet he still gave the jury his $6,500 “expert opinion” anyway! That’s not justice, but that’s how they work.

Insurance companies hire experts to say accident victims didn’t get hurt at all; or if they did, they got better in nine weeks. Imagine that: As different as we are as individuals beings, hired-gun insurance experts can put us all into a nine-week box. Meanwhile, insurance companies avoid responsibility for their careless people.

Pedestrian / Bicycle Injury Attorney in Medford

If you’ve been hurt in a crosswalk or bicycle accident, Reed Law Firm can help level your playing field. Our goal is to bring insider knowledge to counteract in-house lawyers working against injury victims like you. We know their weaknesses. We aim to protect your rights and fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

Medical bills in pedestrian and bicycle injury cases can often surpass available insurance limits. When this happens, Reed Law tirelessly negotiates with lien claiments to reduce liens. We recently reduced a $405,479 medical lien down to $33,333.* In another, we only had $25,000 in total available insurance limits, and the medical bills totaled $82,967. We reduced all liens to $4,691.* Reed Law Firm Lawyers are experts in dealing with lien claimants and have gotten liens and medical bills dramatically reduced in many cases.

We work closely with all health care insurances: Medicare, Medicaid, and OHP, so that when you leave our office, the check in your hand is a “net check” with no lurking liens or bills left out there unpaid.

An estimated 95% of our cases settle without going to the courthouse. And if your case is one of the few that does have to go to trial, Reed Law Firm has the skills and experience to win. One of our recent trial verdicts was $550,000 against a premier Portland defense law firm.*

If you’ve suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, let Reed Law Firm be your advocate. We have the expertise to navigate the complexities of pedestrian / bicycle personal injury cases, fight against sleazy insurance companies, and secure the compensation you deserve.

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POSSIBLE SHORT DEADLINE ALERT – BEWARE: If the car or truck that struck you was owned/operated by any governmental entity, then you have a much shorter deadline than normal, often as little as 180 days! Consult with us to protect your rights or you could lose automatically.*