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Best Medical Malpractice Law Firm OregonIf you or a loved one was injured at the hands of a physician or medical facility, we can consult with you and your family to evaluate the case and discuss your options. Many malpractice injuries are caused by well-meaning practitioners who either lacked training or were overworked in an understaffed ward. Both problems stem from the top. In the trade-off between profits and proper care, sometimes patients get shorted and suffer tragic results.

In another case, the staff at a rest home carelessly placed our client’s paralyzed wife so that she could fall out of the bed, then compounded the problem by leaving her bed guard rail in the down position. Worse yet, her nursing care gown had strong-ties around the neck versus Velcro straps. Later that night her legs gradually slid off the bed while her gown remained hooked to the bed frame, which strangled her to death.

How did the insurance lawyers respond?“It was probably a suicide.” This is just another example of how extreme and underhanded insurance companies are in dealing with valid injury and wrongful death claims. In our case, they ignored that our client couldn’t move any part of her body, so that it was physically impossible for her to commit suicide. But the truth didn’t matter; they defended their money interests at all costs, even to the extent lying about the deceased woman.

A state agency can often look into what happened, which may require you to lodge a complaint and request an investigation. If the facts show neglect, carelessness, or abuse resulted in the injury or death, then the agency’s investigation may contain important evidence like witness statements, photos, and even expert opinions/findings. When warranted, filing legitimate neglect and abuse cases serves to protect the public and hold professionals accountable so that the same mistake doesn’t happen to someone else.

We can settle most medical malpractice and medical neglect cases for fair and just payment without going to trial. We can settle most medical malpractice cases for a fair and just payment without going to trial. But either way, with or without a trial, you have just the one chance to get justice, and insurance companies know it. They will pull out all the stops.

In one of our trials, the insurance lawyer hired seven medical experts and surgeons! But they didn’t fool the jury; one by one we forced these hired-gun experts to admit they didn’t have the facts. For example, one expert admitted he hadn’t read even one page of 20 deposition transcripts before trial; he ignored 1,500 pages of sworn testimony! Yet he still gave the jury his $6,500 “expert opinion” anyway! That’s not justice, but that’s how they work.

In medical malpractice cases, the system is especially lopsided in favor of insurance companies. If you’re the victim of a bad doctor or medical provider, we can help level your playing field. We can stand for you against them. We know their weaknesses from an insider’s vantage point. They have experts on their side; you need an expert on yours.

We work to get you the best possible settlement without going to trial; an estimated 95% of our cases settle without going to the courthouse. And if your case is one of the few that does have to go to trial, then we have the skills and experience to win. One of our recent trial verdicts was $550,000 against a premier Portland defense law firm.*

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If the facility that caused your loved one’s injuries/death was owned/operated by any governmental entity/personnel, then you have a much shorter deadline than normal, often as little as 180 days! Consult with us to protect your rights or you could lose automatically.