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Sexual Abuse Injury Lawyer OregonWe Fighting for sexual abuse victims has been extremely rewarding for our firm. Perhaps our most rewarding case is one where we put 2,000 attorney-hours into the fight for two young molestation victims. We ended up taking everything the child molester had, which wasn’t a lot, but which helped his two young victims got some help with college later in life.

Other sexual abuse cases we’ve handled had bigger targets to get a more just financial recovery for our clients, like a spa that hired a pervert-masseuse with a history of sexual abuse. The spa’s insurance lawyers laughed at our claim, that is until we dug around and found out that the abuser had done it before to someone else who had warned the new employer about him. That’s when they stopped laughing and decided to settle. It helped that our client had just hit the front page of the newspaper for heroically saving a busload of kids when their YMCA bus driver had a heart attack at the wheel.

A lot of a case’s success centers on whether or not the employer (of the daycare, spa, rest home, school, drug rehab program) blindly hired the abuser (“negligent hire/retention”), or if they had notice he/she was an abuser.

The police/DA often work up the criminal side of sex abuse cases, and their investigation can help leverage a settlement from the insurance company after the criminal case is done.

Another example of how insurance companies refuse to treat injury victims with any dignity happened in Southern Oregon: A private preschool failed to check into its bus driver’s dark past. Their driver abused the kids for months while the school ignored all the red flags. The kids were scarred for life. Yet when it came time to make it right, the insurance company fought with ugly zeal against each child’s claim. Deny and delay at each turn, appeals were filed, and the kids were harmed further by the legal process: By the time the insurance paid, the kids were teens!

We can help you protect your rights and sift through the facts of your specific abuse case. We’ve taken many such cases to winning results; we can put that experience on your side.

The system is lopsided, in favor of insurance companies. If you or a loved one is a sexual abuse victim, we can help level your playing field. We can stand for you against the insurance companies. We know their weaknesses from an insider’s vantage point. They have in-house lawyers, working full-time against injury victims like you; you need someone on your side who knows how they work. • Click About Us.

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BEWARE — POSSIBLE SHORT-DEADLINE ALERT: If the facility or individual that caused or was responsible for your loved one’s sexual abuse was owned/employed by any governmental entity, then you have a much shorter deadline than normal, often as little as 180 days! Consult with us to protect your rights or you could lose automatically.*