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“First bite free” – or so the saying goes. Contrary to popular belief, dog-bite victims can seek payment for damages from the very first incident if the dog displayed a “vicious propensity”. In such a case, the first bite is “not” free and you can recover your losses.

Reed Law specializes in assessing cases and recovering losses for dog bite injury cases.

It’s all about understanding the nuances. For instance, city ordinances can come into play. We fought to help an elderly dog-bite victim whose thigh was ripped open by a 100-pound pit bull. The dog-owner fled the scene at midnight in his camper along with his five other dogs. However, we were able to prove that his landlord knew about the vicious dogs and took no action. Despite the dog owner lacking insurance or assets and fleeing the scene, the fact that the landlord knew compelled their insurance company to cover the client’s extensive surgeries, scarring, horrific near-death experience, and extreme pain.

One of our clients was bitten in the face and had their upper lip bitten off. We worked with the plastic surgeon to assess his case. The surgeon used tissue from the inside of the victim’s mouth to fabricate an excellent replica of his lip.

In another case, a client was attacked by a pack of dogs while riding his bicycle. We attended a “dog trial” (yes, these really do exist) to showcase that these dogs were vicious repeat-offenders, and that their owners allowed them to roam free, leading the “dog court” to mandate the owners build a dog-proof fence.

Being on this case early yielded a great settlement for the damages caused when the dogs shredded our client’s Achilles’ tendon.

We can settle most dog bite injury cases for fair and just payment without going to trial. But either way, with or without a trial, you have just the one chance to get justice, and insurance companies know it. They will pull out all the stops.

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