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Impaired drivers can cause immeasurable harm. And now through our democratic process, we face a new kind of impaired driver—marijuana abusers. Unlike alcohol, marijuana can persist for days. What people do behind closed doors might not be any of our business, but the dangers posed by intoxicated individuals on public roads is our business.

SHORT DEADLINE ALERT: Years ago, our Legislature created a loophole favoring servers of alcohol. They limited their personal injury victims to a shorter deadline. And if victims miss it, they lose everything. Unlike the standard two-year statute of limitations, establishments and private parties over-serving individuals who later cause harm have a tighter timeframe. Don’t let this loophole make you a victim twice! A carefully-worded notice must be served on the careless server, or you can lose all your rights against them automatically.

Reed Law’s seasoned Oregon DUI Injury Lawyers specialize in navigating this toxic legal environment. We collaborate with the bad driver’s insurance to get you a fair and just settlement, sparing you from the complexities of trials, depositions, abuse, delayed justice, forced medical exams, and courtroom proceedings.

We are experienced DUI Injury Lawyers who can help you avoid this toxic legal environment. We work with the bad driver’s insurance to get you a fair and just settlement well short of trial. We help you avoid the depositions, abuse, delayed justice, forced medical exams, and the courthouse.

Most of our DUI injury cases can be settled for fair and just payment without going to trial.

But if you are one of the estimated five percent of our cases that has to go to the courthouse, Reed Law has the experience needed to win: One of our recent trial verdicts was $550,000*; another of our verdicts ended up being more than what we asked for: $3.1 million when the insurance lawyers had offered “zero.”*

Let Reed Law help you get back on your feet, cover your medical bills, obtain lost wages, assist with your vehicle damage (we often help with the car repair/replacement part of the case, Free of Charge), see if there’s rental car coverage, and keep your credit from getting ruined. Put our experience on your side for fair and just payment for what you’ve been through. Call one of our Oregon Impaired Driver Injury Attorneys now at (541) 772-3266 for a FREE initial phone consultation with an experienced Oregon Intoxicated Driver Injury Lawyer.

Or click here, which will send you to an easy on-line inquiry so we can assess your case and set up a convenient time – even evenings/weekends – to discuss maximizing your settlement and making you whole, so that you’re not a victim twice.*